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MUN Inc. delivers 21st Century Learning experiences to High School students, helping them develop their skills & prepare for their undergraduate studies. Through partnerships with schools and various stakeholders in the MUN Community, we equip schools with the tools to kickoff their MUN Programs & Empower the Egyptian MUN Community by making international MUN experiences more accessible to the leaders of tomorrow.


MUN Inc. will give you a life-changing experience. Our variety of local & international programs will unleash your potential and raise your exposure. Sign up now and become part of our growing community.


Through MUN Inc. you can guarantee an outside-the-classroom learning opportunity for your son/daughter. All our programs are delivered professionally in a safe environment for all participants!


We understand how challenging it is to find the right talent and dedicate time to providing extra-curricular opportunities for your student body. Contact us now, and we'll make it happen!

Our Story

MUN Inc. was established in April 2014, by two founders who have been active members of the MUN community in Egypt since 2005. Since its establishment, MUN Inc. has been striving to achieve one goal ‘’building a stronger, well connected MUN community in Egypt with a distinct International presence.’’

By April 2015 we had delivered two editions of our International Program and had trained 45 students to participate in MUN Conferences in New York City & Budapest. During that year we created the perfect formula, a 12 Session - Skill Development program that enriches students communication skills & builds their creativity, in an environment that requires them to Collaborate & think Critically. And this is when we found ourselves working on the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning.


Summer 2015 marked the Launch of our summer camp! Designed for high school students with an interest in MUN; our Summer Camp is the perfect experience for students to develop their skills & build knowledge about the United Nations & the Sustainable Development Goals.

MUN Inc. is all about partnerships & collaborations. Since 2015 we have partnered up with UN Women, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Change the World MUN and 10+ MUN Communities based in Egypt. These partnerships were enriching experiences that brought together the MUN Community in Egypt!

Today in 2019, we have worked with over 750 students through our international program & summer camp. Through this 5 year journey we have organized 15 Editions of our Summer Camp, traveled to 10 Destinations with 500 students and our students have won over 50 International Awards. The story doesn't stop here, apply for one of our programs and you too, can become part of our story!

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