About Us

MUN Inc. was established in June 2014, by two founders who have been active members of the MUN community in Egypt since 2005. Since its establishment, MUN Inc. has been striving to achieve one goal ‘’building a stronger, well connected MUN community in Egypt with a distinct International presence.’’


With our talented team, our strong partnerships (locally & internationally), and endless dedication & committment; MUN Inc. brings to Egypt Cairo’s first MUN Club, alongside a portfolio of unique travel opportunities.


Character Development for the 21st Century

Student Engagement

We believe that student engagement is an essential component of a learning experience. For that reason all our sessions are workshop & activity based.


The United Nations, Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Governance have shown the world that progress is made by collaboration. This is why all our programs prepare our students to become team-players and leaders.

Critical & Analytical Thinking

At a time & age where information is easily accessible, students & professionals need to be equipped with the ability to critically assess information and to analyze the world around them.

Creativity & Innovation

Innovation in technology, science and industry has made the world more connected, efficient and inclusive. This is why we believe 21st Century students should be given the space to expand their creative horizons.

Our Programs

MUN International Programs

  • Challenging Program

    Preparing for an International conference requires direction & guidance. Our program guarantees students are capable enough to compete internationally.

  • World-class conferences

    Through our extensive network of international partners, all our students travel to the top MUN conferences across the world

  • Exciting Destinations

    From NYC to Europe’s most exciting capitals, our international programs are sure to open participants’ eyes to interesting history & culture

  • Smooth Operations

    Students, school administrations and parents don’t need to worry about the hassles of travelling. We ensure top quality service from our partner airlines and suppliers.

MUN Summer Camp

  • Productive Summer

    Our Summer Camps ensure students make the most out of their summer. And there’s no better way than learning new things in a fun environment!

  • Exciting Topics

    Our summer camps explore the world of diplomacy, government and international relations, a definite eye-opener for our participants!

  • Gamified Content

    Our summer camp is all about fun! We simplify all our topics to be easily understood through fun and engaging games.

  • Personal Development

    All our Summer Camp participants develop their skills and expand their horizons in a week full of fun & development!