Mini-MUN 2nd Edition!

With 130 Students enrolled in our International Program heading off to conferences in Rome, Athens, New York & Budapest; we had to put together something exceptional for them! On the 1st of Feb. 2019, the MUN Inc. team brought together 90 students from 8 Schools and delivered to them a simulation to the conferences they will be participating in, in their respective destinations.

Participants researching solutions to the UN’s most pressing issues & drafting resolutions!

Students arrived at Dvida Education & Training Center at 10 am and got to work right away all the way to 8 pm. Through this time the students were able to lobby for solutions & write resolutions on the world’s most pressing issues.

MUN Inc. introduced its Mini-MUN in 2018 as part of its preparation process for students travelling as part of our international program. Mini-MUN gives students a glimpse of how their MUN Inc. experience abroad will be like!

A shout-out to our partners for the event Buseet our transportation partner for the event & to Dvida for hosting this year’s edition of our Mini-MUN!

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