MUN Ambassadors

Join Egypt’s 1st Local MUN Club! Our richest and most sophisticated program where Ambassadors are destined to become tomorrow’s Leaders!

Through a 15 Session Program and a series of challenging Community Events, MUN Ambassadors will take their skills to the next level.


15 Sessions

As an Ambassador your journey will begin through our 15 Session program. Designed to focus on building your skills, the program will help you transform your character, raise your self-awareness and become more comfortable in challenging environments.

You will become

  • Seasoned Speakers
  • Team players
  • Critical Thinkers

Community Gatherings

MUN Ambassadors will have exclusive access to unique events that are designed to expand your horizons. From skill-based competitions to outdoor team-based challenges, MUN Ambassadors will get the chance to apply everything they have learnt in the program.


  • Mini-MUN
  • Public Speaking Competitions
  • Improv and Drama


Special Benefits

We take care of our Ambassadors, we will constantly strive to give you access to special opportunities & perks.

Whether special discounts for MUN Inc. programs or special discounts with our partners, we guarantee you an ongoing journey until you graduate!


  • Special discounts on MUN Inc. Programs
  • Exclusive Opportunities
  • Partner perks
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