MUN Inc.’s Best in Budapest

April 2019 was an eventful month for MUN Inc. and the perfect wrap up to our activities for 2018-2019. To sum up we had 2 delegations, attended 2 conferences and collaborated with our partners MSAMUN & the International Diplomatic Student Association (IDSA)!

We kicked it off with a collaboration with IDSA where our very own Sherif El-Ashiry delivered a training session to the IDSA delegation participating in MUNAPEST 19. It was exciting to share with them our thoughts on how we run our programs, and take into account their perspectives in preparing for MUN Conferences. We’ve been working closely with IDSA since our establishment and it’s always exciting for us to collaborate together on joint initiatives!

We had our first delegation from Nermien Ismail International Schools arrive to participate in the 2019 Edition of the Budapest International MUN conference (BIMUN). With a delegation of 12 students, MUN Inc. was actively participating in all the committees deliberating for their resolutions and countries’ interests. And of course, BIMUN organizers made sure to work with our team to make sure the students get to experience Budapest to its fullest!

As BIMUN concluded, MUNAPEST was getting ready to start; and MUN Inc. was thrilled to have a university-level delegation there alongside MSAMUN’s delegation!

MSAMUN has been an active participant in MUNAPEST since its establishment in 2015, and MUN Inc. has always supported with assistance in terms of logistics & training. This year we were thrilled to have Sherif El-Ashiry work with them as a consultant & trainer for their delegation!

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