Our 25th Trip – NYC 2019!

As our delegation from Maadi Narmer School landed in New York on the 23rd of March, 2019, MUN Inc. hit a huge milestone our 25th trip!

This time, we were traveling with a delegation of 20 Students + 4 High School staffers! Thanks to our partnership with CWMUN, these 4 Students got to experience what it’s like behind the scenes in a large scale conference catered to 4000+ participants from 120+ countries!

What is CWMUN NYC?

This year, CWMUN was held in the UN Headquarters, the Roosevelt Hotel & the Marriott Times Square Hotel. Being in the UN gave us a unique simulation experience, and definitely challenged the students to maximize their potential learning opportunities from the conference.

Our Staff Delegation was also pleased to be given an audience & private tour to the UN General Assembly by the Egyptian Deputy Chief of Mission to the UN. It was a privilege hearing first-hand insight from an experienced diplomat, and to be supported by the Egyptian Government!

Wondering what we did in NYC? Being dubbed the Big Apple & the City that never sleeps, New York is many things – none of which are boring.

For our 25th Trip we put together a special video for the experience, let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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