Conquering Athens: MUN Inc.’s largest trip reached up to 50+ students

MUN Inc-ers with the flag at PSAMUN

On the 27th of February, 2019, Our MUN Inc.-ers from Al Alsson, Misr Language Schools, Europa Schule Kairo & the International School of Elite Education boarded their flight to prepare for their MUN Inc. experience in Athens! This marked MUN Inc.’s largest delegation since our establishment in 2014 and our team couldn’t have been more excited to be up for the task.

Sherif Ashery with some of our MUNers in front of Platon School in Athens.

Our MUNers have been participating in Platon School MUN since its 2017 edition! Our 2019 special delegation participated in PSMUN’s 9th edition that was hosted by the IB World School Platon School in Athens.

With 500+ participants coming in from Europe and the MENA region PSMUN exposes students to diversity & effective communication techniques with a THIMUN Affiliate conference that aims to raise awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We managed to maximize on that benefit by having a wide variety of mindsets and groups of MUNers from within Egypt’s MUN community intermingle throughout the entire experience abroad.

The MUN Inc. experience is not just the learning opportunities but also equally fun-oriented! Our team prepared tours for our MUNers who got to fall in love with the beautiful city itself. Some of our trip highlights included our visit to the Acropolis; where we got to hike, got to see the remains of Ancient Greek buildings and admire the architecture before heading to a delicious lunch at a traditional Greek Taverna.

What better way to celebrate our largest trip than Island hopping?

Our MUNers ended their MUN Inc. experience with a blast; we went on a one-day 3 Island Tour! A 12-hour tour, that featured visits to Aegina, Poros & Hydra. Each Island is known for its distinct history, picturesque beaches, and breathtaking sights.

The team of MUN Inc. Staff & School Teachers that worked hard for this experience!

Want to be part of our Athens 2020 delegation?

Stay tuned to our website for individual Signups in 2020, or check out our daily stories @MUNIncorp!

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