3 Ways to Pitch Your Resolution

We’ve all been there, in the conference room, getting ready to share our ideas/solutions to the agenda-topic– but once we have someone’s attention, we bombard them with unnecessary information and our interaction is over with their minimal comprehension of our draft resolution (DR). In Our Starters Guide to Lobbying, we talked about how to navigate the room to build alliances in the committee. Lobbying means finding common grounds between delegations and standpoints; in this article, we’ll help you structure your thoughts when lobbying for your resolution.  

Essentially, once you have a clear idea on the suggested solution you want to put out there; you should try to formulate it into 3 Pitches: a brief 1-Minute pitch, an in-depth 3-minute pitch, and a detailed 5-Minute Pitch. In a MUN conference, time is every delegate’s most important asset. Within a few committee sessions, over a span of a couple of days, everyone is expected to build relations with member states in the committee and secure their foreign policy’s interests. This is why all interactions matter, and your approach should be well structured and versed – this will help you gather widespread support quickly.  

The 1-Minute Pitch:

This pitch should be your conversation starter. It should include a very simple breakdown of your proposed solution – I.e. “our delegation believes that the international community should implement a grassroots approach to implementing the SDGs. Governments & International Organizations should work with, provide resources, and partner up with local institutions to achieve the targets of the Global Goals”.   

This simple pitch outlines the guiding principles of what your draft resolution looks like, without getting into detail about each principle. This approach works great when addressing the committee during speeches, as it gives a clear idea about your view on the issue, without losing people’s attention in jargon or unnecessary information. This also works perfectly when approaching delegates individually.  

The 3-Minute Pitch:

This is used when addressing multiple delegations or blocs during lobbying; and should be structured as conversation points to further elaborate on your guiding principles. Here is when you get into details related to execution. How governments and international organizations can collaborate with local institutions, which resources will be allocated, how to determine local institutions that qualify, etc. Remember, lobbying is best done by having open conversations with other delegations. By structuring the conversation points, you give room to your fellow delegates to share their thoughts and build ideas with you.  

The 5-Minute Pitch:

Now, your ideas have gathered enough support and have been put together into a draft resolution with allies & blocs. Your 5-Minute pitch is the time allocated to present your DR to the committee. This is the end-game; your chance to convince neutral delegations to support your resolution, and the chance to address the challenges or weaknesses that may have been spoken out by other delegates against the DR.   

I always advise not to read clauses, since everyone has access to the DR. But here, focus on the process. Outline to the committee the simple ideas and how they developed into these actionable clauses. What were the main challenges and controversial issues your bloc covered? How did the panel of authors reach this consensus? All the delegates can read the resolution, but reading won’t show them the logic behind the suggested solutions.  

Putting together a draft resolution requires effective communication; and you can achieve this largely by structuring and breaking down your proposed solutions into simple bite-sized thoughts. The success of any DR heavily relies on the support it gets within the committee and the delegations on-board. In your next MUN conference, try our 3 resolution pitches. This will definitely give you a lobbying advantage when everyone is trying to get their ideas across – where your structured ideas will have better chances to stand out!  

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About the Author

Sherif El-Ashiry has been an active MUNer since 2007. He has participated in and worked with 15+ MUN clubs & organizations across Egypt, Europe & the US. After working with hundreds of students, Sherif established MUN Inc. in 2014 - where he works daily with the team to raise awareness about the SDGs, the values of the UN and provide exceptional MUN experiences to High School students.