4 Activities to Brush Up your MUN Skills!

MUN is about developing critical skills in a dynamic and engaging way. Being at home now is a great chance to brush up your MUN skills & be ready for your next MUN conference experience! Here are a few tips and tricks you can follow at home to always be conference ready! 

Public Speaking

Every MUNer knows the importance of public speaking in order to make the most out of your conference experience. As with any skill, practice makes perfect, and public speaking is no different. Though public speaking entails the presence of a crowd, that shouldn’t stop you from practicing in the comfort of your own home.  

Start by watching different speeches! The internet is full of statements delivered by world leaders, public figures & government officials; not to mention TED Talks and the countless other platforms that feature speakers with perfectly articulated talks & speeches. Watching content, like your favorite TED Talks, will help formulate & develop your style as a public speaker. 


Secondly, work on improving your day to day speaking. Work on making SHUU-re EHV-ree wo-RD IS pro-NOUNCED CLEE-rly, which can be overlooked in our day-to-day interactions but goes a very long way in delivery, in front of a crowd. Next work on removing fillers (such as “like”, “y’know”, “uhmm”) from your conversations and try replacing them with a simple pause. We tend to use fillers to gather our thoughts, but in the meantime, we’re afraid to stop talking – a counterproductive combination. 

Play Trivia Games & Build Your General Knowledge

Growing your confidence as an MUNer doesn’t just depend on public speaking, it’s also important to make sure you’re well versed in content. While staying at home, you can dig deeper into International Law, World History, Economics, Geography or any topic that you find interesting. To keep your skills sharp, while upholding your responsibility in social distancing, playing mobile trivia games with your friends, and following informative accounts on social media will help maintain your general knowledge. A good starting point would be our weekly MUN Inc. quiz on Instagram – follow us here. 

Follow the News

In the midst of the world’s current events, we are bombarded by different news sources on a regular basis. As an MUNer, this is the perfect chance to see how world governments react to different crises and to also analyse all different foreign & domestic policy factors that affect decision making. In a MUN conference, we’re expected to come up with practical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues, while understanding the realities that slow down decision making and international cooperation. Now is a great chance to further your understanding of these factors – they’ll definitely come in handy in your upcoming MUN conference! While you’re following the news, don’t forget: 


Critical & Analytical Thinking

Best Delegates are always critical thinkers. They’re able to build bridges between nations by displaying interest points from already existent situations. A great way to improve your critical & analytical thinking is by regularly:  

  • Reading on: Don’t take information at face value and look beyond the eye-catching headlines.  
  • Supporting sources: Sources are an asset that distinguishes one piece from the other as they display the details and reliability of the story, and the lack thereof proves the opposite. 
  • Consider all points of view: In MUN conferences, you learn that every debate has more than one side. Hence, seek different opinions and look for all the possible conclusions – even if they’re disagreeable to you.  
  • Reflect on the information gathered: Ask yourself if you have gathered sufficient information to formulate your own coherent judgment.  

All these help you in reaching a better-formulated conclusion – and as mentioned above, practice makes perfect, the more critical you are, the easier critical thinking becomes to you over time. 

No matter how many MUN experiences you have, there are always ways to improve your skills and gain more knowledge to prepare for your next adventure in your MUN Career. Stay safe, and flatten the curve! 

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