About US

Established In 2014

MUN Inc. For Training and Consulting aims to shape the experience of today’s learners- outside the classroom. 

Designing experiences where students expand their capacity for success, preparing them for their higher education and future careers- all while being conscious citizens of the world!

  • Working closely with schools to create tailored services, designed and delivered directly to your classrooms


  • Introducing collaborations that provide necessary tools and resources to advance student experience


  • Establishing strategic partnerships that  serve youth under Egypt’s 2030 vision and the UN’s 2030 Agenda for sustainable development

21st Century Skills

Bringing up confident critical thinkers & leaders

Gamified Learning

Designing environments that foster intellectually engaged students

Networks & Forums

Building a strong network of stakeholders in Education & Sustainability

MUN Education

Inspiring a generation of young diplomats

SDGs Education

Driving youth to be active advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals

Entrepreneurship Education

Transforming young talents to future startups

Our Clients

Our Partners