Dos and Don’ts of MUN Conferences

A MUN conference can be intimidating because you feel lost, or far behind other delegates. But don’t you fret, here’s a bunch of Dos and Don’ts for any beginner delegate.   Dos Do Your Research I cannot stress how important it is to have your research prepared. Not just to be ready for the conference itself, but because being prepared makes […]

How I Overcame My Fear As A First-Timer

Soon enough, you’re about to embark on a journey towards knowledge, diplomacy, and intuition. You’re confident that the long hours of research and piles of reports are finally going to pay off once you step into the committee, but you can’t brush off your anxiety and fear.   In my first MUN conference, I was shy; barely able to get a […]

3 Ways to Pitch Your Resolution

We’ve all been there, in the conference room, getting ready to share our ideas/solutions to the agenda-topic– but once we have someone’s attention, we bombard them with unnecessary information and our interaction is over with their minimal comprehension of our draft resolution (DR). In Our Starters Guide to Lobbying, we talked about how to navigate the room to build alliances in the […]

5 Tips To Boost Your Research Game

Research can always be a challenging job whether it is MUN related or not. Your performance in an MUN conference highly depends on your research. An outstanding MUNer always seeks information and delves beyond the headlines. Your research can make you shine amongst your fellow colleagues and give you credibility. This blog will provide you with 5 tips you need to ensure […]

Our Starters Guide to Lobbying

Lobbying is the ability to build bridges with other delegations while securing their support for your delegation’s stance on an issue. As an essential skill in 21st-century classrooms & workplaces – you’re probably doing it on a daily basis! A simple example, while you’re staying at home (as we all are), you might want to order pizza for dinner, but […]